All services on this website are 100% free and points will be reset every an hour.


You've got questions, we got answers! Everything you need to know about this website.

This site is 100% free and you can use it.
Required to use a fake account if you want to log into this site.

This site implements a point system. If your points run out, wait an hour then your points are there again.

The solution is simply to change your original/primary account password.
If it has been changed, your original account will not follow people automatically. To login to this site, you are required to use a fake account.

Because the system of this site is follow for follow.
If you have logged into this site then you agree to allow fake Instagram accounts you automatic follow. But you can also add followers for free, and followers what you get can be directed to the account you want.

The fake account that you created to use on the auto followers site. Easy fake account was blocked by Instagram because it is usually used excessively, fake accounts you have to let go if you get banned / blocked.

Instagram accounts are often blocked by Instagram due to excessive activities, for example follow and like excessively. So to prevent it, follow the steps following:
  • Do not use 1 fake account for all servers, it is required to use 1 account for 1 website.
  • The morning before logging in on this website, try to change the passwords for all fake accounts.
  • It is not recommended to create a new account to directly login to the website. Try 2-3 days old minimal
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