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Status - Informatikamu


Service status

Below is the status of the services we provide. See the status section, if running means the service is running normally.

Tools Points Reset Status
Auto Followers 10 60 Mins Running
Auto Likes 15 60 Mins Running
Auto Comment 5 60 Mins Running
Video Views 150 60 Mins Maintenance
Story Views 50 60 Mins Running
Auto Bookmark 50 60 Mins Running
Reels Views 100 60 Mins Maintenance
Reels Like 15 60 Mins Running
IGTV Views 100 60 Mins Maintenance
IGTV Likes 15 60 Mins Running
Comment Likes 50 60 Mins Running

Found any bugs / error?

If you found bugs or error on any features just tell us on telegram.

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